Product Warranty

Towne is committed to always producing a product that makes everyone happy.  If anyone is unhappy with a product at anytime for any reason, return it and Towne will give you your money back.

Delivery Timelines

Towne commits to always try to deliver every product within 3 weeks of the order being placed.

Support Channels

In order to keep everything organized and all parties accountable.  Towne requests that all support requests be placed via our support website.  All tickets are trackable, and that helps everyone.

When are my photos deleted

Although it is not possible to guarantee photos for all time, Towne has yet to delete any photos and until hard drive space becomes to expensive, we'll keep storing your photos.

Business Hours

We strive to be available to our customers 40 hours a week.  But just like our customers we live, and have family in our community.  For that purpose don't be surprised if we are not available on Sundays, or on may long weekend ;)

Giving Back

Our kids play hockey and attend school with your kids.  That is why we have always given back to the community that we are blessed to serve.  We have partnered with Kidsport, Flames Foundation, and various other charities.